Scott MacFarland, Harbor Ridge LLC

"Elm Grove Property Management helped us take our real estate investment business to the next level by providing us with the resources necessary to manage effectively and better control costs. They also have provided our tenants with better experiences by up-keeping our properties and providing 24-hour on call maintenance. We would recommend Elm Grove to those who are serious about growing their real estate portfolios."

Kayla Frank, Tenant of Elm Grove Companies

"I have been a tenant with Elm Grove for two years. The rental process was easy, and they really took the time to find me a great apartment in the location I desired and at the price I was comfortable with. The few times that an issue arose in my apartment, they really made me feel like my issues were a priority, and took care of it quickly. I have recommended them to several of my friends, who are now also Elm Grove tenants. I will absolutely continue to rent with Elm Grove in the future, and also intend to use them when it's time to buy my first home!"

Matt Menning, MenPar Holdings

"If I had to sum up Chris Schleyer and the Elm Grove Property Management team in one phrase, I’d say: Trusted High Performers. I say Elm Grove is trusted because of their responsive communication, honesty and transparency, and their commitment to do the right thing. The books are well kept, and are transparent and open. Whenever I have a question, I know that I will get a quick and detailed response, no matter who I ask. Tenants know and respect Elm Grove’s honest and accountable way of doing business. Like in any business, mistakes are sometimes made. It’s the way that Elm Grove quickly identifies, communicates, and corrects their mistakes that really impresses me.
A family member of mine recently had the opportunity to work for Elm Grove Property Management on a day to day basis in all aspects of the operations. After meeting and interacting with everyone on the team during this time, she had nothing but high praise. That speaks for itself.

There is even more evidence of Elm Grove’s commitment to high performance. This is shown most clearly in the financial reports each month and each quarter for our 84 units under management. The team produces excellent occupancy rates, quick turnovers, great leasing and tenant screening, and reasonable maintenance costs.

What may be less apparent at face value is the culture of high performance in the whole team. Everyone goes the extra mile to ensure a great result. After getting to know several Elm Grove team members, it is apparent that they take much pride in their work, whether this is in accounting, tenant interaction, maintenance, marketing, you name it. Everyone strives to continually improve, and to meet a very high standard that Elm Grove has set for itself.

Elm Grove Property Management, because they are trusted high performers, has allowed our business to grow at a rate we would not have imagined a short time ago. My experience with them has been enjoyable and rewarding, and I have every reason to expect this will continue into the future."

Kevin Hill, Essex Property Management

"I have been working with Elm Grove for the past year, having contracted with them in the midst of a prolonged period of unstable and inconsistent revenue and expense problems (due to the high turnover). I was looking for honesty, “good” communication and an improved level of transparency with respect to recommendations to turn the building around (e.g. where and when to spend money to stabilize the building).You need only stop by the office in the AM to see Maintenance crews organizing, and setting out for the day to tell you there is more structure and planning at Elm Grove. In a market like Manchester, speed of turnover is important, and as importantly - advice on the right investments to improve consistent occupancy of existing tenants to limit future vacancy.

Chris and the team at Elm Grove have been great communicators with me. 11 months out, there has been no degradation to that level of communication about the property, its expense model, or about the status of maintenance work in play. Always responsive!"

R. Finehouse LLC

“We are so relieved to have found a property management company that we can trust our investments to. Elm Grove has every service that we need with the professionalism that we require.”

Brendan, Property Management Client

"Elm Grove Property Management was a game changer for me and my company. I have had my Manchester properties professionally managed by two other property management companies since 2005, and before starting to work with Elm Grove in 2011, I was convinced that there were few good tenants in Manchester and that it was impossible to keep my properties occupied and in clean, presentable and in good working order. Since contracting with Elm Grove, my properties have been well-kept and well-maintained and enjoying nearly full occupancy with generally good tenants suitable to the buildings I own. Elm Grove’s ability to find the right tenants for the right building is, in my opinion, their best skill. They understand and accept that not every building is the Taj Mahal, but they also understand and accept that there are good tenants out there that need safe, affordable housing. They are willing and able to accept and meet the challenge of managing low and medium income properties well. They have made my life easy. In my opinion, Elm Grove is the best property management company in Manchester."